"Above and beyond anything we could have hoped for"


As grandmother's Alzheimer's progressed to the point that she was unable to provide proper nutrition for herself, unable to recognize most family members, and unable to figure out what time of day it was, we begun searching for local facilities that had specialized care for senior adults with cognitive impairments.  After inquiring about and visiting several facilities in the River Valley, we went to Memory Lane.  Within a matter of minutes, we realized it was far superior to anything we had seen, and knew it was the perfect place for grandomother.  


Initially, we were concerned that grandmother would have a difficult time adjusting to her new apartment at Memory Lane given the fact that she had lived in the same rural house for 50-plus years.  Much to our surprise, after moving in, she loved it immediatly!  The highly skilled and very caring staff, the delicious and nutritious meals, the very clean facilities, and the individualized attention (especially manicures and pedicures) were all an encouragment to her.  As a result, our family felt a huge sense of relief.  We no longer had to bear the burden of knowing that our busy schedules did not allow us the opportunity to provide the level of care that grandmother had needed for several years.  She was now safe, secure, and content.


The positive environment grandmother experienced at Memory Lane caused her quality of life to improve immeasurably.  She no longer appeared sad and lonely, and began to smile more often.  She always appeared well-groomed when we visited.  The hair salon inside the facility made it easy for her to get a perm or style whenever she wanted.  The secure outdoor courtyard area located within her unit allowed her the opportunity to get some sunshine and fresh air while observing the beautiful plants and flowers.  We also appreciated the fact that immediate family members could take her shopping, to attend holiday dinners, or to church (or any other location) anytime we wanted by simple "check out/in" procedures.  This allowed us the ability to continue the weekly routine she had experienced back home--just one more detail that gave comfort to both grandmother and our family.  


There's no way we can adequatly express our full appreciation to the amazing staff at Memory Lane.  The quality of care was top notch from day one until the final day.  Looking back on grandmother's time there, I'm just as convinced now as I was the day we walked in for our initial tour and consultation that Memory Lane gives the best care in the best facility in the River Valley.  The only one thing that could top Memory Lane woudl be heaven itself, where grandmother now rejoices eternally.





"We feel very blessed.


We have checked several nursing homes in the area, but we were happy when we found Memory Lane.  We are very pleased with the operations that we found and the staff is very helpful and is very concerned with the patients."



"Memory Lane is a 'God-send,


and such a blessing to our family!  Very affordable, and as I like to say, "great return on our money."  The facilities are just beautiful--ALWAYS clean and smells so good.  The care is out of sight---the nurses are so professional, the aids are great-so giving and caring!  They take great care of our mom!  Thank you!  The administrative staff is so helpful and very professional.  We are so pleased with everything about Memory Lane.  Our mother has had a sister and a brother to visit her, and they came away so impressed.  They even thanked me for finding Memory Lane."


Jim. H.

"5 stars-


From the moment we arrived on campus I knew this was the place for daddy!  Our family can rest knowing daddy's needs are always being met.  Excellent staff are always making the journey as peaceful as possible."


Dan R.


"I am so thankful


My mom has been a resident for over three years.  I have been very pleased by the care she has received.  The staff is very caring with the residents and also their families.  I am so thankful for this facility-mom and I are blessed to have found them."





"We can't say enough good things about Memory Lane.


Memory Lane has been a blessing to us.  We have found the staff to be very helpful and caring for our mother.  They are very attentive to her needs."




"God bless all of you.


I cannot express in words how thankful I am to have found Memory Lane.   Knowing that my mother is in a peaceful place, where they truly care for her is amazing.   She feels like she's at home and she is happy.   To see her precious smile on her face when I go and visit is worth everything to me.  Thank you Memory Lane--all of the staff."





"Thank you so much!


The nurses and aids do an amazing job.  They are caring, loving, efficient, and always have a smile on their faces.  These people are here because they care and have been given this special gift by God to be a blessing to the Residents and their families."




"What a wonderful place for our Mom to live.


We knew three years ago that she could no longer live alone and was stubborn and resistant to moving anywhere. We tried assisted living but that did not work out. After a short stay at Sparks Senior Care and proper medication, in September we found Memory Lane. There we found support and understanding of our needs as well as Mom's.


Besides being a beautiful place with an incredible staff, it has an atmosphere of peace. Everyone is treated with the utmost respect. The resident's choices and needs are a priority. They get to know each other and become friends. They are a family. We hope our Mom can stay at Memory Lane as long as necessary. Our Mom deserves the best."


Norma L.

"When my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, I was devastated.


I thought I could care for her myself, but after a year I was exhausted and mentally drained. Through friends and family, I found out about Memory Lane at Legacy Heights in Van Buren, AR. After meeting with the administrator, and touring Memory Lane, I decided this was the place my mother needed to be. This was the best decision I ever made. My mother is being taken care of by a wonderful staff, has a lovely room, and has made many new friends. The nursing staff cares and loves my mom as they do all the residents.

After my visits, I can go home with a peace of mind that she is secure and well taken care of."


Nancy W.

"Years ago, my sister and I embarked on a long journey after she was diagnosed with dementia.


When it was time to place her in a facility I took a tour of Memory Lane, as well as other facilities in this area and my choice, by far, was Memory Lane. Vera is in a beautiful facility within a safe and loving environment. My thanks go out to the administration and staff for being with us on this journey."


Donna P.

"Our coming to Memory Lane: At first I was worried about having to place my Phillip in an Alzheimer's unit.

I thought I had failed him when I could no longer take care of him at home. It didn't take me long to see that the staff at Memory Lane was not only qualified but were also gentle and kind. We all (Staff, patients and their relatives) became a big extended family. Looking out for one another, supporting one another, and for sure loving one another. As Jesus said "Love one another as I have loved you, (John 13:34). God bless you all."


"Mom became a resident of Memory Lane shortly after it's opening in July of 2009.


Our family feels very blessed to be included in the Memory Lane 'family'. The tremendous level of loving care and compassion given to our Mom (and us) by all of the staff is a great comfort. Our visits there are a pleasure - we feel as if we have an extended family!


We can always get an update on how she is doing and also see for ourselves that she is not only well taken care of but treated with kindness, respect, patience and lots of LOVE. It is obvious that all of the girls who care for the patients at Memory Lane are not "just doing their job", they are passionate about caregiving. We highly recommend this first class facility!"

Jimmy M, Linda M. & Lisa H.

"Several years ago, my doctor told me that my mom was no longer capable of living on her own, and it broke my heart.


This year, he told me that she had passed the point of being able to live in her assisted living facility. My heart broke again. I didn't want my mom to spend her past days in an institution. I know that she may only have a few brief and occasional moments left where she is herself, but I want those to be good moments. I didn't want her to wake up and feel abandoned.

My best friend and I spent a day touring every place I could find that would be appropriate for Mom. We would go inside each place, and I would leave feeling ill and crying thinking if leaving her there.

And this is what happened when I walked into Memory Lane:

I walked in the front door and heard a small church service taking place. I smelled the warmth of fresh coffee. I saw a beautiful grand piano. It was like walking into my momma's home and hearing her practicing her piano for church on Sunday and smelling coffee she had just made. This is where I wanted to bring my momma for her last days.

It was a long struggle to give myself permission to let go and allow someone else to take care of her. But from the moment I stepped off of the elevator, I felt a sense of home and not of institution. Your staff knew just what to say to me and to my mother because they understood. You made the transition so easy. When we moved her into her sunlight-filled yellow room, I could hear children playing outside her window. It was like I had moved her home.


A couple of weeks ago, one of your staff called me to tell me that Mom had found her way to the piano and played for nearly an hour. Mom doesn't often know who she is or who I am or really even how to dress herself anymore. But because she was at Memory Lane, she got to be herself for a few minutes one afternoon when she remembered. That's all I wanted.

Today I know she is not just being given basic care, she is being cared for and no one is judging me for letting her go. The struggle to let go is so hard, and it's so hard not to feel guilty when I need to turn my attention to my children and my husband and my grandchildren. Thank you for understanding. Thanks you so much for loving my mother. Thank you so much for allowing me to just be her daughter."



"We want to thank everyone at Memory Lane for all the wonderful care you gave Marie while she was there.


You will never know just how much it means to us to have found a place that cares as much as everyone at Memory Lane."


The Family of Marie

"September 14, 2011 is a day that will stick in my mind forever. Not just because it is our son's birthday, but as the say that we moved my mother-in-law, Mary, to Memory Lane.

Due to advancing Alzheimer's disease, we were faced with the difficult decision to move Mary into a facility for her own well-being. She wasn't eating, she was letting people into her home, she was attempting to drive, she wasn't able to handle her finances ñ you name it, she wasn't doing it. In her mind, she was doing fine with some help from her family and friends and didn't see the need for extra help in her home.

At the time we were beginning to feel desperation. We did our research and were fortunate enough to find Memory Lane. We had initially tried placing Mary in another assisted living facility because Memory Lane did not have an opening at the time, and while the other facility was nice, it wasn't home and she refused to stay even one day. Because that facility was not secure, we were not able to make her stay. We called Memory Lane again to place our name on a waiting list, and, call it divine intervention, fate or whatever, but we were told they might have an opening very soon due to some remodeling.

Memory Lane has been a lifesaver for our family. Mary did not want to leave her home, but with the help of the staff, Mary has adjusted to her new surroundings. It is very obvious that for the girls in pink, theirs is not just a job ñ they truly care and love the residents. My husband and I have stated that their job some days could be compared to herding cats, but you never see frustration or disrespect, only patience and kindness.

We have had and continue to have many ups and downs with Mary and her disease and other health issues, but whenever we return to Memory Lane and she sees the staff, she always has a smile and is glad to see them. During hospital stays, she always tells us she want to go back to where Amanda is because she knows she will be cared for. She may not say it to he family, but she feels at home and safe at Memory Lane."



"We were blessed to experience wonderful caregiving firsthand from Legacy Heights & Memory Lane.


Our dear Mother lived at Legacy Heights for over 3 years and enjoyed her apartment, meals and activities. She also enjoyed the services held when she was unable to attend church physically.  Mom made many dear friendships and especially enjoyed the Christian atmosphere. Additionally we knew that she was being cared for and watched over and was safe, which relieved us.

Later, Mom moved to Memory Lane which was again an excellent caregiving experience.  All the staff was so kind and concerned for Mother, they went the extra mile to meet her needs.  We were always pleased with the service, the nursing staff always showed a heart of Christian love.  The facility was always clean and the care above measure. We appreciate this facility and give them a "high five"!"


Nancy & Darrell O.

"I thank my God in all my remembrances of each one of you.


You gave excellent care to my Mom & treated her with dignity, compassion and grace during the past almost 2 ½ years. Thank you for your outpouring of love toward our family during Mom’s last days in your care. It meant so much to our family that Mani & Michelle attended Mom’s “Homecoming Service.” God bless each one of you as you continue to minister to each precious resident God brings to Memory Lane."

Loretta & Family

"We would like to take a moment to express our thanks to the entire staff at Memory Lane.


The time our dad spent in your care, he was treated with dignity and respect, which meant a lot, as he was a proud man. Each visit with our dad was made easier to enjoy, knowing that when we left, the staff cared and loved him as much as we did. The compassion and love bestowed on our dad while in your care was such a blessing to our family."

Sincerely, the Family of Luther S.

"The last three years of Dad’s life, he lived at Legacy Heights, and then he moved upstairs to Memory Lane.


Legacy Heights is an independent living facility operated as a ministry by First Assembly of God in Van Buren. Memory Lane is the Alzheimer’s/Dementia Unit. This church has it right; They care for the body of Christ at the ends of their life. The whole staff, from administration, to food preparation, to housekeeping, to maintenance, to nursing and security all work together to console, love and encourage each resident to live their lives to the fullest. The techniques they use are love, laughters understanding and even teasing. Not only that, but they take care of the rest of the family as well."



"When Mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, my brother and I searched the Little Rock area where Mom had spent her adult life in order for her to be closer to her friends.


We decided that was too far away for us to have the relationship that we thought was so important. We searched the Mountain Home area, where my brother lives, and in the Fort Smith/Van Buren area, where I live. We were fortunate enough (and blessed) to find Memory Lane.


From our first visit, we felt that we had found a caring and loving place in which our Mother could reside. Our feelings were proven to be true. During her stay at Memory Lane, she felt “at home” in so far as she could, given her limited understanding of her surroundings. When we would bring her to our home for family gatherings, holidays, or a Sunday meal, she was always ready to go home, and would become upset if she felt that she was going to be late.


The professionalism and genuine love shown by the caregivers at Memory Lane were outstanding. Their knowledge of the affliction from which Mom suffered helped the rest of the family understand what was taking place in Mom’s mind and physical body. I cannot thank them enough. They will forever be in my prayers."



"My mother has been a resident at Memory Lane for 2 ½ years.


They go above and beyond to take care of their residents. When I visit, everyone is always friendly and makes me feel at home also. Occasionally, I would take my Mom out for visits. When I would take her back to Memory Lane and open the doors for her, she would have a big smile on her face. She recognized it as home where all her friends are. I would highly recommend Memory Lane at Legacy Heights to anyone."



"Memory Lane has been a blessing to our family.


When my mother started showing advanced signs of dementia, we knew she could no longer live alone and take care of herself. After touring Memory Lane, we knew this is where we wanted our loved one. She has lived there for 2 ½ years and we have been extremely satisfied with our decision.


The staff and administration is absolutely wonderful! They provide a very safe and loving environment and treat the residents with respect and dignity. We can rest easy knowing Mom is getting the very best care around, and we feel very strongly that the staff genuinely loves the residents. Because of this, our loved one can feel safe, secure, and loved, in a beautiful facility with a strong Christian environment.


I would not hesitate to recommend Memory Lane to anyone searching for this type of facility for a loved one."



"I appreciate so much the Direct Care employees who give so much of themselves to each patient.


I have witnessed many times a patient who was confused and frustrated, and the employee was so patient and kind. As I have walked that path of care myself, I would think to myself how frustrating that must be for the staff. But even in those difficult moments, your employees would give me a wink and a smile, as if to say, “It’s okay, I’ve got this!”


As difficult as it is to care for someone you deeply love, how can a stranger be so compassionate? It was a great comfort to me to see the poise and confidence exhibited.  The entire staff of Memory Lane was always ready with encouragement and a helping hand. Thanks again to everyone for going above and beyond the call of duty to care for my Dad and my family."



"The challenge of caring for a loved one who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease is difficult to comprehend.


The staff at Memory Lane in Van Buren helped us through this time with the professionalism, integrity, and comfort that they provided. The care and compassion that they show to their residents made us confident that we made the right decision when we turned to them to care for our great-uncle. Not only did they care for him, they made him a member of the Memory Lane family."



"I cannot express enough how much Memory Lane has helped me and our family.


When faced with the decision of having to place my dad in a facility, Memory Lane was my number one choice, and Debbie and the staff made it possible. It was a heart-wrenching time for us, and I truly felt they held my arms during this dark time. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."



"I want to thank you, Jana, and the staff at Memory Lane for the wonderful care you gave my mother while she was with you.


As you know, Mom had been in four different nursing homes in the past couple of years. The care in those facilities ranged from absolutely horrible to decent, but none of them compared to the way Mom was treated at Memory Lane.


The minute I walked in the door to take the tour, I could tell that Memory Lane was different than other dementia facilities. The atmosphere was calm, and it felt more like I was in a home than an institution. Mom wasn’t the typical dementia patient, as she had Parkinsons and strokes, but it was clear that the staff was well-trained and competent to deal with her special needs. I couldn’t believe how quickly the nurses responded to my concerns about Mom’s health.


While I was sad that I couldn’t care for Mom at home, I never worried when I left her in your care. The CNAs were so wonderful. They did so many little things that made a difference to Mom. When she returned from an outing, they would welcome her from down the hall as we walked in. They would come to her room right away to greet and hug her with a “welcome home,” and ask if we needed anything. They let Mom do everything she could do on her own, and encouraged her to make decisions, but they’d step in to help when needed. They told her they loved her and I believe they meant it. I know she did.


I knew I’d made the right decision to place her there after she’d been living there a month and we were out shopping. She told me that she was tired and was ready to go home, and she meant Memory Lane.


I am writing this letter as a daughter as also as a neuropsychologist who specializes in dementia. As a daughter, I couldn’t be happier about the care Mom received. She felt safe and loved. As a neuropsychologist, I think Memory Lane is the model for other facilities to strive for. I just wish that all people with dementia could get such wonderful care. I have recommended Memory Lane to many of my patients’ families and to my friends."


Patricia W, Ph.D.



"It is difficult to put into words the feelings in my heart for the staff and supporters of Memory Lane.


The care they showed my father and my family in 2012 was far above and beyond my expectations.  It is evident that the staff was simply doing their jobs every day with passion and skill.  From the perspective of my family and me, it was as if we were the only ones in their care.


Upon my father's diagnosis of vascular dementia seven years prior, my family was determined to honor him with loving care in his home.  We are blessed to have a large supportive family.  Yet, our team approach proved inadequate toward the end stages of his life.  Through much prayer, we were lead to the Caregivers Day Out Program.  My father was only able to participate a few days but it demonstrated to us that there were people outside our family with expertise, compassion and a willingness to shower love on my father.  They understood the daily outward difficulties he experienced did not represent that man he was and had been for 87 years.  I expect this is easier for families to handle as we were witness to the love he showered on others throughout his life.  Yet they loved on him as if they knew him as we did.


The staff and volunteers at Memory Lane operated like an extension of our family.  For that, we are forever grateful and are so happy that you are now making it possible to share love on a greater number of families.  The addion is beautiful and I will continue to lift you and your programs up in prayer!"




Anonymous survey comments:


*Responsive to changes in patient health

*Caring people who help residents no matter how difficult they may be

*Always quickly responsive

*Thanks for preparing healthy meals!

*Hair and showering is very much appreciated!

*Room is immaculate and odor free-Perfect

*Dust free, odor free & laundry done with care

*You hire only the "best" to work with patients in Memory Lane-Thank You!

*Staff is always looking after my mom's well-being and ever vigilant of her health.  Medicines given with care & understanding

*Love the activities & photo gallery

*All nurses go above & beyond

*Aids are caring, loving, and very attentive

*The meals are wonderful

*They have the most caring staff.  When I leave there I know my mother is well taken care of

*Clothes are always clean-bed/room/hallway always clean, nice smell

*Staff has great communications!! Always call if something happens

*Wonderful activities.  It is geared to benefit all residents


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